Great smiles for adults

Why have treatment

You can enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment at any age.

Some adults have treatment mainly for the health of their teeth, while others are more concerned with their appearance.  Whatever the motivation, all our adult patients enjoy their beautiful new smile and the confidence it gives them.

Types of treatment



We offer this treatment to patients whose case is suitable. It uses clear aligners that you wear over the teeth like thin mouthguards to create small tooth movements. Each successive aligner moves the teeth a little further towards their desired position until they are achieved. You can take the aligners out when eating or cleaning your teeth, but they must be worn at other times. Treatment duration depends on your individual case which we will discuss before you start your treatment.

Lingual braces


You wear these braces on the inside of the top teeth which makes them “invisible”. They can treat the same range of cases that standard braces can and the treatment duration is also comparable.

Braces with clear brackets


These braces are like standard braces that you wear on the outside of the teeth, except that instead of metal brackets they have clear brackets which make the braces less visible.

Come and see us

If you wonder if you can also enjoy a great bite and a beautiful smile with more confidence, then come and see us.  Alternatively, please click here to send us an email.

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